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What is commercial photography? You might be thinking what’s the difference from that of regular portrait photography? Hmmm…it’s made to be used for a business purpose! It involves the commercial use of a photo – anything that’s beyond personal use.

It entails the license a photographer is giving the client for its use. So if you’re using the photo for portfolio, business card, or something beyond just printing it, framing it, and hanging it on your bedroom wall, it is considered a commercial type of photography.

And that’s another reason why commercial photography is priced differently. You also pay for the limited usage rights or commercial license. But this doesn’t mean you ”own” the rights to the photo. Okay, that’s another topic. And that’s a long one too. 😆

At Style To Bits, we issue a print release (your rights to print the photos) and a commercial license for our commercial photography clients. But you can also individually purchase a commercial license for image/s that was taken as a regular portrait if you want to use it beyond personal purposes.

And of course, planning and approach to the actual photographing are different too.

If you want to find out more about our commercial photography, maybe you need a new set of images for your page or portfolio, send us an email at

- xx Cel

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