Our Space

We started in the spare bedroom of our two-bedroom apartment. When we finally got more space, I alternate the use of our garage and the living room to shoot whenever the indoor setting is needed. We never compromise quality or the attention of each image our clients get. We work hard like we own a production studio, all the time.

Now we’re here! A loft space in the heart of downtown Fay, and we have a red door! We’re still grounded with the same values and the same mission and visions we had back when we’re starting. But we’re working even harder to provide every client the quality of service they deserve.

Our creative space is here for our clients. We look forward to seeing you here one day! Let’s photograph you, work on your projects together, shoot products or contents for you. You can even rent the space if you need an intimate venue for your next event. So message us whenever! Let’s plan your visit!

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