Style in every bit…

Style To Bits is formed with the idea of providing style thru fashion and events. With style in mind, we introduced photography to capture the fashion and create the art.

Style To Bits LLC, offers styled portraits and lifestyle images, and commercial content and product photography to individuals, businesses, brands, bloggers and more.

We aim to provide images that speak you and represents you. From a simple portrait to an elaborately styled session, we got you. Other than that, one of our mission is to help businesses create their content images and build their brand through our custom photography.

Below are the services we offer:

1. Fashion-Styled Portraits and Lifestyle Images ( Portraits, etc.)

2. Commercial Content and Product Photography

3. Monthly Content Photography Subscription

An eye for style…

Hi! I’m Cel Floresca, the person behind Style To Bits. Other than being the curator of Style To Bits, I am a wife, toddler mom, lover of fashion, and the arts.

When I was young, I wanted to be a writer. I then went to a university to take a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. But things changed, I went to work in the digital and event marketing world. I later pursued Fashion Styling and Fashion Design at a fashion school in the Philippines. From being a writer, I dreamt of becoming a fashion stylist, like Rachel Zoe! I guess that’s because of too much Rachel Zoe Project, ANTM and fashion magazine reading.

My interest in photography sparked from my experiences and adventures in fashion. I imagine things like how a photo would look if the subject in it is dressed in a flowy white dress and a wide brim hat. So I took further steps and dove into photography. I am a self-taught photographer. I’d say I specialize in fashion and lifestyle photography, but I keep studying and learning new things from reading and watching a lot of video channels. Practicing makes me better at my craft.

I always see myself creating stylish images that would be timeless and that are worth remembering for my clients. I love to expresses art through stylized photos.

I always envision of bringing out the best you in you. In every photo session, I’d like you to be confident, help you feel good, and make you look even more beautiful. And see those results in the image that I captured.

Since I have a strong background in the digital marketing world. I want to incorporate that into my photography and help other businesses, by creating content images that not only convey their message but also showcase their vision. .


-xx Cel