Style in every bit…

A few years back, Style To Bits was conceptualized to provide everyday fashion and style. It started as a fashion styling, event styling, and photography business. As years go by Cel focused on capturing fashion-styled-images. She prides herself creating looks for other people and photograph them like visions from a magazine.

Style To Bits aims to create art in the form of photography.

Below are the services we offer:

1. Fashion-Styled Portraits and Lifestyle Images ( Portraits, etc.)
2. Content and Product Photography

Eye for style…

Hi! I’m Cel Floresca, the person behind Style To Bits. Other than being the curator of Style To Bits, I am a wife, toddler mom, lover of fashion and the arts.

When I was young, I wanted to be a writer. I then went to a university to take Bachelor of Arts in Literature. But things changed, and my youth got the best of me. I later pursued Fashion Styling and Fashion Design at a fashion school in the Philippines. From being a writer, I dreamt of becoming a fashion stylist, like Rachel Zoe! I guess that’s because of too much Rachel Zoe Project, ANTM and fashion magazine reading.

My interest in photography sparked from my experiences and adventures in fashion. I imagine things like how a photo would look if the subject in it is dressed in a flowy white dress and a wide brim hat. So I took further steps and dove into photography. I am a self-taught photographer. I’d say I specialize in fashion and lifestyle photography, but I keep studying and learning new things from reading and watching a lot of video channels. Practicing makes me better at my craft.

I always see myself creating stylish images that would be timeless and that are worth remembering for my clients. I love to expresses art through stylized photos.

I always envision of bringing out the best you in you. In every photo session, I’d like you to be confident, help you feel good, and make you look even more beautiful. And see those results in the image that I captured.

-xx Cel

The Style To Bits styled photography session experience 

Every photo session with Style To Bits is an experience. You are not just setting your foot in front of a camera to get your photos taken. I want you to feel like a model or a celebrity preparing for a magazine cover shoot.

When you book with Style To Bits, it begins with planning and creating a concept that would fit your vision. Once the idea is formed, then goes preparation for your looks and outfits. I create mood boards for you so you can be guided with what outfits to pick and what hair and makeup look to get done. If the concept requires an elaborate background set up, that will be included in the planning too. But if you’d prefer a more subtle portrait, then location scouting is all we need to do.

After all the planning and preparation, it’s the execution. The day of the photo session, I’d like to make you feel as comfortable as you are so you’d look natural and at ease in camera. Help you with posing and direct you if needed. Seeing you confident and you enjoying the moment of the camera is one of my primary goals.

Want the complete styled photography session package? No time to shop for your outfit or don’t have anything you feel like wearing from your closet? Get your makeup and hair done on set too? We can arrange that.