March 1, 2019

Never thought candle making would be as fun! Last week, I at Style To Bits and my dear friend Jade ( got invited to join a candle making class at the splendid furniture and home decor shop in downtown Fayetteville, Cornerstone Design Co. They are launching their candle line the Hummingbird, today March 1st!

I was greeted with the calming and warm vibe once I entered the shop. The store is exquisite as it is, and it became more heavenly with all those scents! Oh, and they have a “library” of oil scents, yes a library! A massive selection for your candle. Simply taking candle making to another level.

Did I also mention you can bring your own bottle of wine or drink of choice? What fun is it to be pouring wax and oil with the right hand and chardonnay with the other? It’s not your ordinary “let’s make a candle project” class. Making a candle from your aunt’s basement is not the same. The ambiance, the camaraderie, the inspiring stories, and the instagrammable photos make Cornerstone Design Co.’s candle making class unique, classy and fun. If you want an interactive and truly enjoyable activity, join their classes. It’s also a perfect prelude to a ladies brunch or a dinner date.

It was a great night. I especially had a great time, since I rarely meet new people since I had my now two-year-old-boy. Oh you know, my social life these days is bumping onto people at a supermarket or a playground. But I’m not complaining. Lol! I’m really thankful to my dear friend, Jade for taking me along with her. Also I can’t be more delighted with the Cornerstone Design Co. team! And I’m still ecstatic to have finally met Tianna and Mike in person. Adore!

Being a chandler for a night is fun! Remember to follow the steps! Listen very carefully and don’t miss out on taking a lot of behind-the-scene photos especially with those goggles and gloves! You know it’s super lit!

-xx Cel

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Cornerstone Design Co. candle making class

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