September 12, 2016

Oh I missed you! It’s been a while since the last entry. Some of you may be wondering why, and no it’s not the “writer’s block”. I took a break in updating our blog because life happened (literally and figuratively)!

2016 started well for us. We embarked on a new journey that will totally change our life forever. Back in February, Gerald (my husband) and I moved to North Carolina due to his new work assignment. Everybody knows how challenging it is to move from one place to another. It is very labor intensive and demanding of time.


Young woman wearing denim shirt preparing for moving. Packing, s

(Image from Adobe Stock)


It took us about a month to finally settle in our new place, hence the first time I took a short break. I went back to my normal routine, doing photography and marketing our business. Everything is on track, I’m so pumped up every day thinking of how many opportunities we have ahead. Then here comes April, a very unexpected and surprising news came – we are pregnant!

Whoever says pregnancy for first timers is a breeze, oh I’m telling you it wasn’t for me! We were surprised when we found out, we haven’t planned on getting pregnant yet so I was honestly physically and emotionally unprepared to be feeling all the symptoms and signs of the 1st trimester. It was the most petrifying four months of my life. I feel so tired every single day yet I’m doing nothing at all. I felt so weak, which had me wanting to stay in bed most of the time. Some days were worst, add nausea, restless legs and sleepless nights. I did not have the energy to go out like I used to, that’s when my regular work routine took a halt. Being healthy for the baby has become our number one priority.



Photo by yours truly)


Here we are now, exactly seven months pregnant today. Feeling way much better, back to doing photography and event consultations (lightly). Excited to become new parents to our sweet little boy!



( Yes, a self-portrait )


Our life will be different, all these are the beginning of the new chapters in our marriage life. We will soon have our little family and we can’t wait to finally set sight on our little munchkin!

styletobits_blog_sixmonthshalt_04(An image of our little family sketched by my six-year-old niece)


Along with all the great things that will happen in our life, we are also going to make more happen for Style To Bits. More and frequent blog posts for you, plus we’ll share our inspirational photos on our social media pages every day. So stay tuned, cause we are happy to be sharing our journey with you!


by Cel